What is Devy Football?

Devy Fantasy is a hybrid of the standard NFL fantasy football leagues and collegiate football. The general managers of the teams in these leagues sometimes have college football players on their rosters in addition to NFL players. After each season, the managers keep all of their NFL players, similar to the way it works in dynasty fantasy football leagues. In contrast to other leagues, the devy leagues allow you to keep your college football players on your roster. When a college football player is drafted into the NFL, the manager who currently has them on their roster automatically elevates them to the position of NFL player.

The following college players should be on your radar for Devy Football this season.

Bo Nix

QB | Oregon Ducks

After years of making fun of Nix and watching his worth fall, this seems more like a joke than anything else. Nix, who was once rated as a strong four-star talent, had a roller coaster ride during his time at Auburn before moving to Oregon and finding his footing there.

A monumental 2022 campaign brought to light the qualities that we admired most in Nix when he was still a prospect. He has the arm strength to throw to all levels of the field, and it always appears as like he is throwing with ease, even when he is making tough throws. Nix is a difficult runner to catch and is sneaky in open spaces where the game is being played. He runs with a lot of effort and has strong speed as well as superb footwork. Nix has the potential to be a first-round pick in 2024 if he puts in some further effort to improve his consistency and his ability to make plays as a passer (he runs too soon far too frequently).

For a quarterback who has followed the same road as Nix and is now in his fifth season, it may appear to be a bit of a stretch. In the past 10 years, we have witnessed more audacious goals, and Nix possesses all of the resources necessary to achieve his goals. There is a fair probability that he is not very valuable to the Nix owner in your league; you should buy while you still have the chance.

Keon Coleman

WR Florida St.

Coleman is a name that is all of a sudden being brought to people’s attention due to a recent move that has received a lot of media attention. But those in the know are aware that this cat’s moniker was already a household one before all the recent pub. Coleman had a breakout year in 2022, just before transferring from Michigan State (noticing a trend?) to Florida State with his skills.

Coleman, much like the previous two players, is a master at utilizing his body for placement in contested catch scenarios, which allows him to perform very well in certain situations. He makes use of his extraordinarily powerful hands to keep the ball away from his body as he keeps control of it. Coleman, on the other hand, is not quite as elusive after the catch as the previous two players, and he is more of a “no-nonsense” runner than the others. He has fluid route running, but he has to work on improving his precision to assist him with maintaining separation when he is running routes.

Coleman has an alpha dog mindset and is likely to be the WR1 for the ‘Noles in 2023. Florida State has weapons, including Johnny Wilson, who profiles similarly to Coleman. However, Coleman is going to be the WR1 for the ‘Noles. This will be reflected in his draft and devy stock, so purchase now while you still have the opportunity.

Javontae Barnes

RB  Oklahoma

The second Sooner to appear on our list, Barnes is expected to take the lead-back role for the Sooners this next season. Yes, I do have great hopes for this offense moving ahead.

Barnes is explosive and has a dangerous first step. He is fast on the track, but it takes him a little bit of time to get up to full speed. In general, his vision is sound, although it could stand to be more consistent. Barnes is a powerful runner who also possesses excellent contact balance. Although it’s important to see more of what he can do as a pass-catcher, his athleticism leads us to believe that he is more than competent.

This is more of a prediction; Barnes will have to contend with other candidates and may end up being overlooked. Gavin Sawchuk has the capacity to make electrifying plays, while Marcus Major is a thumper on the court. Barnes is a hybrid of the two, and it is possible that he may have an overwhelming amount of work in 2023.

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